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When it comes to completing any project, Synology Interior believes the commissioning client plays a vital role. The most successful projects they have taken on were those in which communication with the client was open, professional and honest.

Eveline Liau.

'Very pleased with Jensen's prompt service and workmanship in my new house! He followed up with good attitude and customer service even after renovation handed over. Highly recommended! You will never go wrong with Synology Interiors! Cheers! !!' 


Jeff Harris Lim

''Recently my house went for renovation and I engaged Synology Interior for my renovation in September this year. The workmanship is very good. pricing - - reasonable and the renovation planning ElI was well done with no hiccup.' all. 
Jensen are the person in charge and they are really professional. They have been really helpful and accommodating. Synology's designer has done a wonderful job. Highly recommend.. thank you. " 

Mui-Yee Valentin.

We did our daughter's room with a loft bed, new wardrobe etc. Synology Interior did a fantastic job to design a space with clean line and at the same time functional. Special thanks to Jensen for their design ideas, superb coordination and also accommodating our various requests. Highly recommended! 

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